Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love the Here and Now

We all have that one blog that we connected with first, right?  As a reader, or a blogger yourself, can you think of one blog that you keep going back to, and loving every post?  For me, that's Love the Here and Now, written by Anne.  Anne and I first "met" when I started blogging, and she has quickly become my go-to person for all things blog.  She is part of my tribe.  But not only that, I'm happy to call her a real life friend too.  Someday we'll meet!

Anne shares amazing Blogging 101 tips - many of which I've used myself.  Her new Awesome Link-Up is one of my favorites because each link shares things that are awesome, which can instantly boost any day in my opinion.  Outside of blogging, Anne is an inspiration - as she is raising three beautiful daughters and married her high school sweetheart. 

I asked Anne to answer a series of questions to give you a little insight to her and her blog.

Tell us about your "Wednesday Wishes" and "Awesome" link-ups. How did you decide to do them?
I knew I wanted to host a weekly link up and wanted it to be something that a variety of people and blogs could relate to. I chose Wednesday Wishes because who isn't wishing for something? I love that people's wishes range from serious to funny, wishes for themselves and wishes for others. We get it all each week!

I chose to do my Awesome link up once a month because I found that sometimes I get bogged down by the day to day stuff. It was comforting to think that the little things in life could bring a smile to my face. All needed to do was think of those things and my mood brightened. This link up is simply things that you find awesome that make you smile. Who couldn't use a little of that each month?

We know you love Fall, but if you could pick one reason, what would it be?
 It's next to impossible to pick one reason. I waiver between the weather and the colors/leaves. If I had to choose though, it would be the leaves. For a month or two each year, the trees take on so many different colors it's breath taking. I could never live somewhere that didn't experience Fall. It's like Mother Nature is decked out in her finest for awhile. Wouldn't miss that for the world!
Do you have any nicknames? 
Hmmm...nicknames.....depends on who I'm talking to. A few people call me Annie. My daughters call me Mama sometimes which I silently chuckle at. It sounds so Southern to me and we are New Yorkers.
You work in a library. What is the best part about that? Have you ever met an author?
The best part of working in a library is also the worst reading list is so long! There are so many books I want to read and I never seem to have the time. I love being able to talk about books at any point in my day though. Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies and to be surrounded by books and fellow readers all day is wonderful. I have yet to meet any big authors but we do host local authors and their book signings at times.
Why do you blog? What made you start blogging?
I blog simply because I want to. I loved reading blogs for years and last year I finally decided that I wanted to put myself out there too. I loved that people were opening up their lives and their experiences to others. I loved that there were so many people that I could relate to. Now that I have started I can't see myself stopping. It's my outlet, my source of creativity, and it has provided a great sense of community and so many friends. I don't see myself leaving any of that behind.
What is your favorite app on your phone?
My favorite app on my phone....oh gosh....I have favorites in so many categories. I think I would have to say Instagram though. I love reading blogs but seeing actual snippets from bloggers' lives helps me feel more connected to them. 
You can only pick one type of food for the rest of your life, what do you pick?
Simple choice for me....Italian all the way. I live in a predominantly Italian area so I have it made. Local restaurants have old family recipes. My husband is Italian as well so everything is homemade. Sauces, meatballs, fried dough, Italian greens, tomato pie (a pizza served room temp with fresh tomato sauce and grated cheese, totally different from regular pizza) all from scratch. My mouth is watering now. Yum!

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