Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Letter to E

E at about 1 hour old

Four years ago today you were born at one in the afternoon.  That moment changed my life forever.  Each year has proven to be better than the last, if that is at all possible.  This past year was no different.

This year you started preschool.  Your first day of school was bittersweet for me.  How did I have a child in school already?  You wore the outfit I picked out for you, posed on the front step for pictures and went in to your classroom like a big girl.  You made new friends and learned so, so much.  You can write your name, daddy's, sissy's, Charlie's and my name all by yourself.  The random facts you tell us over dinner surprise me on a regular basis.  ("frogs eat flies, not fish", and "bats are nocturnal", among so many more.)  Even with all of your growing up, you still ask me to sing songs to you at bedtime.  I cherish those last few minutes of the day, and will continue to sing as long as you'll let me.

Each new experience proved to be nervewracking for you, but nothing made me more proud than to watch you be brave and go in to new things with an open heart.  You started dance class and I often catch you doing pirouettes and grand jete's around the house.  You are my little blond haired ballerina!

Your love for animals is so inspiring.  From the day we brought you home you were intrigued by Charlie, and your love for him has just grown over the years.  We often have to remind you to ask before petting "stranger dogs" because your instinct is to run up and love all over them.  I still think you will be a veternarian someday.

The biggest thing for you this year was the day you become a big sister.  And what an amazing sister you are.  A adores the way you talk to her and shake your head just to see her laugh.  You always have a gentle hug and kind words - "It's ok sissy" and "I still love you" when she's crying and crabby.  I hope that bond lasts forever.

This day four years ago is one your Daddy and I anticipated for nine months (plus a few weeks!) but nothing could prepare us for what was to come.  The day you were born changed us forever.  You made us "Momma" and "Daddy" and will always be our little girl. 


Some of your favorites:
puppies, cats, powdered sugar donuts, ballet, headbands, My Little Pony, spaghetti and meatballs, riding your scooter, coloring and bubbles


  1. This is so cute! Happy Birthday to your little one! :)

  2. Beautiful!! I have to remember to do something like this for Liv. And happy birthday to your girl!!

  3. This is so sweet- Thank you for sharing this! It definitely brought a smile to my face :)

  4. How sweet is this?!!! Happy Birthday, E!!

  5. So sweet! Happy Birthday Miss E!


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