Tuesday, March 3, 2015

7 Awesome Things about the Midwest

On certain days, I need to focus on good things.  Like today, for example.  We all know that I love the winter - the more snow, the better in my mind.  There is one part of winter I do not like, and that is ice.  If you are in the Midwest, or specifically Chicago, you know that we woke up to the world covered in ice.  Cars, roads, sidewalks.  On days like today, I need to be reminded why I love living in the Midwest so much.

Cue the Awesome link-up, from Anne at Love the Here and Now.  Today I'm focusing on the awesome things about living in the Midwest.

|| We get to experience all of the four seasons, and they each last longer than one week.

|| With the above, we have the opportunity to wear any kind of clothing for at least a few months out of every year.

|| In some parts of the Midwest, it is so flat that you can see for miles. (just like the song).  This is one of my favorite parts about rural Iowa, truly beautiful.

|| We are truly smack dab in the middle of the country, which means that we can get to almost every large city in the U.S. with less than five hours in an airplane.  No cross country flights!

|| There are very little earthquakes.  The few that we have had are barely recognizable.

|| We produce more corn than other region in the United States (shout out to Iowa on this one!)

|| "Midwest is Best". 

Do you live in the Midwest?  What else would you add?

Linking up with Anne.

Love the Here and Now

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