Thursday, December 11, 2014

Passionfruit: I Quit.

I was originally going to join Faith for her Golden Vlog series today (because let's be honest, I know how much you loved my first one).  But, this has been weighing on my mind so I had to share.  Hopefully I will link up with a vlog later next week :)

When I first started thinking about offering sponsorships for All the Joys, I asked some of my bloggy friends about their experiences with Passionfruit vs. Adproval.  Emily quickly began raving about Adproval, and how she was in regular contact with Matthew, the Founder and CEO.  I was intrigued.  The one on one attention really caught my eye, and having a first hand witness tell me how happy she was was nothing to ignore.  She quickly set me up by email with Matthew, and I was pleasantly surprised.

However, before fully committing to Adproval, I wanted to test Passionfruit first so that I could make a decision based on experience.  While sponsoring other blogs, I noticed that most of them were using Passionfruit, so setting it up seemed pretty easy.  I signed up for the free month to test it out.  At first I was happy.  Installation was a breeze, ads were easy to manage, I loved the promo code feature.  Then something happened.  I won't go in to details, but I was owed money.  Several emails and Twitter tags got me zero response.  I had some awesome bloggers already pay for their spots on my sidebar through Passionfruit, so I turned to Adproval for help.  How could I make the change and not lose those ads?  How could I do this quickly as to not disrupt current ads?  And most importantly, could I count on Adproval to respond and make my concerns a priority?

Needless to say, Adproval for the win.

I got everything set up, moved my ads over and only had two days where they weren't live.  (Quick shout out to Melissa for being so patient!)  Matthew was quick with his responses and I felt like he truly cared about my issues - which were all coding, and definitely user errors.  #notatechie

There have been many conversations around blogland about Adproval vs. Passionfruit.  I have even seen some bloggers publicly say they will not sponsor a blog that uses one or the other.  There is no "good" answer - plenty of people are completely happy with Passionfruit, plenty are not.  When it comes down to it, customer service and doing what is right is what influenced my decision.

Many of the features that I originally missed on Adproval are being added - promo codes, showing when the next availability is, etc.  I love that they are open to feedback and are actively making it what we, as bloggers, want and need.

If you offer ads, which platform do you use?  Why, or why not the other?  Share below, and also share if you have any sponsor deals going on!  I'll start - 25% off the Full of Joy spot with code NEW25.  (Openings in March!)

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