Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life on the Beach

Happy Tuesday!  I had a great weekend in Michigan with Tim's family, I didn't want to come home!  We stayed in a gorgeous house right on Lake Michigan, with amazing views and walking distance to the cutest little downtown. It was a little cold, but we made the most of it anyway!

Friday night was spent hanging out, playing games, having drinks.  Saturday we went in to town (South Haven) and shopped a bit, browsed the farmer's market and had lunch.  Then, Tim and his Dad took the girls back to the house and the ladies and my brother in law went for a wine tasting.  It was delicious!  I went home with a bottle of Sparkling Moscato, which according to the server, is the best for mimosas.  Yes please!  Overall the day was a little rainy, but made for a perfect rainbow.

Saturday night we had a gorgeous sunset. Just look at this!

Sunset cuddles

Sunday was chilly, but sunny, so E took full advantage of playing in the sand.  She was covered, and her clothes had to be shaken out, but it was worth it.  She's such a water baby - just like me! 

I took a lot of photos of our names drawn in the sand.  I have some great ones that were snapped just before a wave came over them.  I am planning on having the ones of the girls' names printed and framed for their bathroom.  And maybe this one, framed in our room:

 Overall, it was a great weekend.  I ate way too much, drank a little too much, and had enough sweets to last a few months.  Needless to say I sort of failed on my fitness goals, but today is a new week so I am starting over.  Wish me luck!

I could absolutely get used to life in a beach house.  Not only was the house gorgeous - it was just built this year - but I just felt so relaxed there.  The sound of waves crashing while falling asleep is something I need in my life, every day.  If you've seen me on Pinterest lately, you've seen that I've been pinning things to a "Lake House" board.  I will have a lake house someday.  Power of positive thinking, yes?!

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  1. The pics are SO PRETTY! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. Such pretty pictures! I'm glad you had a great weekend :)

  3. aw! I love the initials in the sand!! Glad you guys had a great time :)

  4. Love that last pic! It would look great in a frame or as a canvas so I say do it!

  5. I'm originally from Michigan, so this post pulls at my heartstrings and I'm feeling a little homesick now. I grew up spending my summers in a cottage on a small lake near Lake Michigan. We would go boating, have campfires, and climb the sand dunes - there's something so special about Michigan beaches. :)

  6. That sunset is the best! Glad you had a relaxing family weekend. And yay for scoring good wine!

  7. Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks so nice there. So maybe the fitness goals weren't met but the goal of having a great time and enjoying your time to the fullest sure was! That's what I call a success!

  8. I will totes move to the beach with you. Just something about the water, and more importantly, the wind wafting off of it. /le sigh


  9. My husband's family has a lake house in Michigan. That's always one of our favorite vacations! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Sounds so fun and relaxing. :)


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