Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's Me... A to Z.

It's been awhile since I wrote a true "get to know me" post, and I've noticed some new followers around here (Hi!) so I thought today was the perfect day.

Last month, I saw a list of favorites, from A to Z, on Tabitha's blog an loved reading through them.  Catching small glimpses in to other blogger's lives is fun for me - it helps me picture them while reading a post.  (Does that make me a little creepy?  Sorry!)

A | animal // Dogs, definitely.  I saw pandas at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago and loved them too, but dogs for every day.  I can't walk by one without asking it's owner if I can cuddle and squeeze pet it.
b | beauty product // Chapstick.  Especially in Chicago winters.  My faves are EOS and Burts Bees.

c | color // Purple, any shade.  Although lately I've been loving coral and mint.
d | drink // Water.  Or Vodka.  They are the same, no?
e | exercise // Lately my jam has been the treadmill.  I rotate between the Couch to 5k program an Jillian Michael's workout.  (See it here)
f | flower // Hydrangea.
g | game // Monopoly!  Or Trivia Crack.
h | human // It's tied with E and A.

i | instrument // I played the flute for ten years when I was younger!
j | job // I used to work at a Ronald McDonald House.  It was the most emotional job I ever had, but also the most fulfilling.
k | karaoke song // Anything Britney or Madonna.
l | lunch // Turkey Sandwich, with dijon mustard, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.  Bonus points if it's whole grain bread.
m | movie // I seriously can't pick.  I love different movies for different reasons.  Some of my faves are these.
n | number // Eleven.  Not sure why, it's just the first one that came to mind.  Maybe I should play the lottery tonight with that...
o | object // Does my car count?  I feel super safe in it, and have enough room to tote the kids and all of their stuff around in it.  The four of us, plus the dog can comfortably travel in it - which is not an easy feat!
p | picture // This wedding photo:

q | quote // This:

r | restaurant // I cannot choose.  There are so many options!  If we narrowed it down, I probably could. (Pizza - Lou Malnati's or Aurelios, Steak - Del Frisco's, Italian - Biaggi's, etc etc.)
s | season // Summer or Winter, I love the extremes.
t | trend // Gold everything.
u | underwear // Anything that's comfortable (which is hard to find, by the way)
v | vacation // Ahhh.. St. Thomas, Japan, London.  I feel like this needs to be narrowed down as well!

w | writer // I don't have a favorite.  I like a variety of books.  Chick Lit, Romance, Mystery, etc.
x | x-tra favorite :) // dessert // Creme Brulee, Cheesecake or Cupcakes.  
y | year // 2007.  When we got married, and our lives together really began.
z | zodiac sign // mine... Cancer.

Today I'm linking up with Anne for Wednesday Wishes.  I wish that you each get to spend a little more time with your favorite things this week.  Take time for the good in your life!
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