Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ways to Entertain Yourself in the Airport

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In the beginning of February, my husband and I took a weekend trip to Austin, only to have our home of Chicago experience the fourth worst snowstorm to ever happen while we were away.  Two cancelled flights, hundreds of tears, and multiple cocktails over two full days led me to today's helpful information - How to Entertain Yourself in the Airport.  I should note that most of these are not free (what is in the airport?!), but can kill a lot of time.  Trust me.

|| Have your own "Meal Hop".  Have drinks at a bar, an appetizer at another, the meal at a restaurant, then find dessert somewhere else.

|| Look up all of the bars in your terminal.  Have one drink at each.

|| Buy a book.  Read a chapter, walk to another gate, read another chapter.  Keep moving until you need a new activity.

|| Find an empty gate, and plug in your phone/tablet.  Get to work on that Netflix series you have been meaning to watch!

|| Pick a random gate number and go there.  See where that plane is going, then research all of the local attractions in that area.  Not that you'll want to travel again once you finally get home, but it's fun to learn about new places!

|| People watch.  It's one of my favorite activities - and the airport has some great people watching.

|| Do a scavenger hunt.  Items or places to find: business card, most exotic location via plane gate, left-behind magazine, a picture with a stranger, pen, the signature of someone from your hometown, a picture with someone famous, etc.  Get creative!

I truly hope that none of you get stuck in an airport any time soon, but if you do, I hope you can make the best of your time!  Once I committed to the fact that I wasn't getting home when I wanted to, things got immensely better.

And if all else fails, have another cocktail.

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