Friday, July 17, 2015

Blogger Love v.48

It's Friday again, YES.  I need this Friday so badly.  So badly, friends!  Since selling and moving out of our old house, we have been "homeless" - living with friends, my in-laws, and now in Iowa with my parents.  I can't wait to share with you all our next step - and what has been making me so scattered lately.

Until then, how about some Blogger Love?  Through the chaos, I managed to read and fall in love with a few posts this week:

"20 Common Beauty Mistakes (You Might Be Making)" by But First, Coffee.  Oops.  I definitely fall in to some of these mistakes.  There are some good tips here too!

"Happiness Update" by Sincerely, Brianna Leigh.  I sincerely loved reading how happy this blogger has been after a rough year last year.

"Release Your Expectation of Happiness" by Hey Kerri.  I needed to read this at that very moment.  And if nothing else, go for the picture :)

Do you have any posts that really stood out for your this week, written by others?  Please link up below and share with us!  I'll need some reading material - as I don't currently have cable while in between homes.  (The horror!!)

All the Joys - Blogger Love
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